My Story

HAUTE SUGAR is my baby! A dream I’ve had since a young girl.. 

Once upon a time there was a young mother in high school struggling to raise 2 baby girls after first getting pregnant at 14 & again at 16. My grandmother knew she just couldn’t do it alone so she took over.. & voila! My true angel in life also became my mother. I was very blessed to have 2 moms & an awesome grandpa .. & even though I wanted my young mom, she had a lot of growing to do. My Grandmommy was & will always will be my world.

My mother moved to Dallas from Los Angeles, & my Grandparents worked in the entertainment industry so we were very cultured. Not to mention I love so much that I’m biracial, being mixed is one of my greatest blessings.. I truly have the best of multiple worlds!!

Growing up I wanted but to be an entrepreneur! But also, an actress, model & dancer.. HA! I went to college for acting & did very little in the area (by choice) but.. I realized as much as I loved it, God had bigger & better plans for me. 

I started modeling, while working in many industries.. I was mainly trying to find ways to make my dreams come true. I wanted HAUTE SUGAR to be my reality. Modeling was really a calling for me.. I modeled for several designers, clothing stores & trade shows in Dallas, LA & several online boutiques/ retailer catalogs. 

I learned so much!!! From so many amazing business owners & local fashion icons.. 

Tragedy struck & my world was upside down.. my Grandmommy, my inspiration, my everything was now in Heaven.. unexpectedly, my heart was broken. I felt like I couldn’t go on, I didn’t want to. My mom helped me get it together & then I met my husband :) he couldn’t fill that void of the woman who taught me so much in my life, the diva of divas! The entrepreneur I wanted to become, the Kim K beforeeeee our time! Haha, she was everything. But what my husband brought to my life was so much love & purpose. He owned his business & inspired me and helped me believe I could do anything! With his & my mother’s help & inspiration here I am! 


So this is my DREAM! Come true!!! But not only is it mine... it’s my Grandmommy’s too. She passed before we could make this happen & I almost gave up but God is good & anything is possible!! So this is for you Grandmommy.. You’re my dream come true & it’s possible bc of you! Thank you for teaching me everything.. xoxo💋